Join forces for manufacturing hight-tech medical equipments

On the cutting edge of innovation, medical sector is constantly reinventing itself to developp new treatments, perfect diagnosis and improve comfort of patients. A dynamic boosted over the past years by digital technology and connected health development (« e-sante »). Electronics plays a vital role in the developpment of new customs and new healthcare practices. 

In Selha Group, our capabilities cover a wide range of medical electronics devices (class I,II & III) destinated  to diagnose, treat and follow-up patients and also compensate an handicap. In an Iso 13485 certification environmment fulfilling requirements of quality, traceability of this sector, we assist our customers at each step of the product lifecycle: from co-design to after-sales service to manufacturing.

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Technology, innovation and high requirement level, medical market share the vision of Selha Group activity. In a ISO 13485 environnement, we own skills and capacities to manufacture a wide range of medical devices (class I, II et III).

Gilles Rossignol

Business Manager