Design & development

Design your product

Our design office assists you since the design & development phases of your electronic product. From a single idea or detailed specifications our team of 50 experts specialized in electronics software or mechanical brings your product to life whether it be an electronic card, an embedded system or a connected object.

We propose you a solution adapted to your needs, advising you on the best strategy to adopt according to your costs & performance conditions and markets requirements (regulations, environmental standards, security, marketing…). Our goal : to transform your idea in a performing and marketable product and allow you to be sucessfull to launch it on the market.

Thanks to our expertize and our EMS experience, we design and develop your product considering its industrial manufacturing with our DFX tools and methods. Keeping this industrial vision since the design phase, you will secure the product’s performance, its manufacturing process and accelerate your time-to-market.

Our areas of expertize

Thanks to the expertize of our technicians & engineers and to their complementarity skills, we propose a full and customizable solution for the development of your electronic product.

From idea to the product,
Partner of your project

To develop your product, we work closely with your team, defining since the beginning of the project the various rituals and validation steps and also the management project method the most suitable : cycle in V or scrum & agile approach. Based on your needs, we can operate on the full development process or only on a single phase.

We did it

AMC Tool Board

Simulation Board & embedded software, designed and developed by our design office to test our customer products.

Final test Board

Electronic board integrated in a test bench with a high level requirement for the final tests of aeronautics products.

Telecom Board

Electronic board embedded on telecom equipments.