Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & defence

Contributing to aeronautics, space and defense innovations

As a leading edge industry, aeronautics, space and defense have to face for several years a strong growth. Sectors of excellence which are today boosted by new challenges : anticipate new uses & needs, imagine tomorrow’s equipments, develop affordable solutions and face the energy challenges and climate change.

For 40 years, we sustain our customers development, aerospace and defence world leaders. We assist them during all product lifecycle : from industrialization to MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) to manufacturing and test.

Accredited Nadcap for 10 years, we assemble electronics products for civil and military applications meeting highest requirements of reliability and performance whatever final environment. In flight, in space or on operational domain, electronics equipments have to be resistant to the harsh environments (altitude, heat, coldness, moisture, vibrations…)

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Aerospace & defense is the Selha Group historic sector. For over 40 years, we are proud to take part of latest technological innovations and crucial projects with our major customers.

Pierre-Marie Kerhervé

Business Manager