Selha Group spotlights the quality of work of life!

From the 20th to the 24th June 2022, we have organized the Quality of Work of Life week. For this occasion, Selha Group held 3 events dedicated to the quality of work of life on its France’s plants, linked with its CSR approach. The programme included life-balance workshops: activities, relaxation & friendliness!

It’s a beautiful week that was ended around quality of work of life and wellness on our 3 France’s plants. These unique moments fall within in our CSR strategy especially one of the main strong axes: working relationships & conditions.

The program:

  • 👟 Muscular awakening: to learn simple exercises to awake its joints & muscles before starting the day.
  • 🧘 Stretches & muscle relaxation: to discover easy muscular stretches to release and relax its muscles during the workday.
  • 😮‍💨 Sophrology initiation: to discover relaxation techniques to learn slacking pressures and managing stress.
  • 💆 Amma massage (seated): to enjoy a relaxing moment with this upper body massage technique realized on a ergonomic chair, seated and dressed.

And to finish these days with greed, a convivial & fruity moment was proposed to the teams 🥝 🍓 🥤