Secure the performance

To meet reliability needs of our customers, we develop tailor-made test benchs. Discover how we assis our customer to achieve its goals !



Aeronautic sector requires always higher quality and reliability levels : equipment and embedded technologies have to resist to extreme conditions and environnement (altitude, heat, moisture, and vibration). A high requirement level which requires suppliers and manufacturers the necessity to test and guarantee performance and reliability. In this context, one of our customer asked us to automate final test for its equipments. Its wish ? Possess an automatic and effective test mean able to test more than tens of different family products !



To meet customer’s needs, we designed and manufactured a tailor-made automatic test bench. From requirements product specifications, we have fully developed the software and hardware architecture to test automatically different functions of the products. Produced and assembled in our workshops, this test bench was validated according to the performance expected level for each product and submitted to a rigourous qualification process (tests of products references,  repeatability and reproductivity statistical analysis…) to confirm its reliability.



This test means enabled our customer to automate the final tests for a wide range of  different generations products and ensure the quality and reliability. Collaborative work between customer’s teams and ours was a key factor of succes to develop an effective tool adapted to customer and market’s requirements.