ASTRE: Telecom products made in Selha Group

This year, Selha Group has engaged in a new challenge: to develop its own range of telecom products, named ASTRE. These equipments are fully personalized and configurable to standards and constraints of the markets they are destined to (industry, transports, defence, energy…). You can already check this new Astre product range.

For many years now, we’ve been co-developing IOT equipment with our customers. Building on our experience and our expertise, we are now taking a step further by designing our own products. From development to the manufacturing, including design, industrialization and test phases, our future products will be fully produced by our internal teams.

ASTRE 5G: a 5G autonomous & secured communication platform

Our first product, ASTRE 5G, is a network aggregator that allows a continuous and secured communication, even in isolated areas. It combines the 3G/4G/5G/Wifi/satellite in order to offer the best possible network and keep an ongoing and secure high speed connexion. This technology is being developed in order to be integrated and adjusted to the  standards & constraints of the line of businesses it will be used in (transports, safety, energy, industry, telemedicine…).

ASTRE KA & L: satellite communication terminals

A big recent project will occupy our teams for the next years: the development of satellite communication terminals. The space sector is widely boosted for many years by the new uses of Internet. The satellites are no longer exclusively intended to telephony and television. Now they can offer a broadband internet all around the world for the same quality as fiber optic. In that context, a call for projects has been launched in 2021 by the French Relaunch plan to constitute a french industrial industry to design and product these satellite communication terminals.

With an industrial consortium, Selha Group has answered to this project and will be in charge of designing and manufacturing two satellite communication terminals:

  • ASTRE Ka: a satellite communication terminal in Ka Band, intended for the general public,
  • Astre L: a satellite communication terminal in L-band, intended for professional consumers.

These two developments are economically supported by public funds (the French Relaunch Plan, the BPI, the Normandy region).