ASTRE 5G : On the way to Selha Group products

New years, new goals. In 2022, we have a new challenge : the development of our own telecom products. This project, called Astre 5G will allow us to use our experience, our expertizes and our konw-how to fulfill our ambitions.

For many years now, we co-developed IOT equipment with our customers. Building on its achievements and great collaborations, it is an important step our teams are taking, to realize our own product. From development to the manufacturing, including design, industrialization and test phases, our future products will be fully produced by our internal teams.

Astre 5G product, what does it mean ?

The Astre 5G project is to design an IOT equipement to ensure a highly-reliable communication in real time ( optimized aggregation for 3G/4G/5G/Wifi/Satellite) It will provide to our customer a gateway that they can integrate to their own solutions while meeting all relevant constraints of their sectors.

This project is made possible thanks to receipt of a grant assigned by Normandy region. These funds will allow us to realize the early stages of the development, especially, the POC « Proof of Concept », namely a functionnal mock-up of the future product.

Stay tuned, we will share the key-teps of this new challenge !