The Selha Group’s Innovation approch

We believe in constantly searching for a better way to work, to improve our process, to tackle our customers challenge. So, an innovative approach is promoted within our teams to encourage new ideas, creativity and audacity. From the idea and its concrete realisation, our teams met in pluridisciplinary groups are the essential actors of this innovation approach. Our goal : to bring added value to our customers and to prepare the future of our profession.

Jean-Luc Verlhac, our Innovation manager is the most appropriate person to speak about the innovative and creative mindset of Selha Group 👉

Meet the challenges of the future

Our innovation approach based around 4 axes of work :

  • automation & robotization ( collaborative robot “cobot”, augmented reality on workstations…)
  • improvement of our process ( great thicknesses coating, wireless ICT tests…)
  • innovative solutions (connected objects, low consumption, software features…)
  • products innovations ( 5g routeur, medical connected backpack, radio broadband modem…)

Be a key player for the collaborative innovation

With the acceleration of technological progress and with markets keep re-inventing continually, we are convinced that it’s essential to associate with partners to innovate. That’s why we work in synergy with a ecosystems composed of partners, clusters, start-up and schools on collaborative projects to develop innovative solutions. Sharing and exchange of knowledge and know-how which enabled us, together, to explore new perspectives and to imagine the products of tomorrow.

You are looking for a partner for an innovative project ?