#Live Visits : discover our plants !

For one year, the sanitary crisis has upset our operational modes & practices. Particulary vigilant and careful about health of our employees and external visitors, we have drastically reduc ed external comings on our production plants. At that time, we need to renvent our habits, to deal with sanitary rules to propose new solutions to dicover our plants at distance.

The concept

Used to welcome visitors on site, our teams has adapted the discovery course of our plants. More dynamic, more collaborative you will discover thanks to the digital our plants with our collaborators through key spaces of our working place. To illustrate it, let’s us take the example of the last live visit of our Normandy’s site : a quick Selha Group’s presentation (activities, industrial sit by the industrial director before proceeding to an immersion in the heart of production with an overview of our production means, a passage in the engineering direction and stops in the mechanical workshop and in the electronical analysis lab.

A positive feedback !

Some contacts have already tested our new digital formula. They judged it a convincing and interesting experience. Theirs last visites have been rescheduled several times beacause of the sanitary context. We really want to propose them an alternative solution to bring the main informations to discover our site. This formula is available on our 4 sites : Selha in Renazé (53), LCO in Cossé-le-Vivien (53), Einea in Eu (76) et OB à Casablanca (Marocco).

A personalised formula

Aware of the imperatives of everybody, we are flexible and adaptable to propose the best visit formula adapted to your needs and times slots that will work best for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us  👉 contact@selhagroup.com