IOT WORLD : our partner SoundX wins the innovative project IOT Award

Our partner SoundX has been rewarded by the innovative project IOT Award during IOT World show 2021. It’s a great recognition of this event dedicated to Internet Of Things (IOT) for this product developped by Selha Group.

In France, 9 out of 10 deaf children are fitted with hearings devices to better communicate. These solutions allow to hear only voices but not music. With a strong desire of promoting a music more inclusive, SoundX imagine a connected object with artificial intelligence which will allows deaf and hard-of-hearing people to feel the music thanks to vibrations. Inside this object, there is a vibrating package translating music and sounds in vibrations and allow people to feel these emotions

Collaboration with Selha Group

Our technical teams in Normandy were solicited for development (electronical, mechanical) and manufacturing too. The product has evolved a lot since the first prototypes. Several iterations have been necessary but in recent tomes, the final product is ready and the deployment phase is going to start very soon.

Second consecutive IOT Award for Selha Group

This price awards innovative project and gives it more visibility to promote the actions. After Alrena and its Medibag in 2020, this is the second consecutive year that a product developed by Selha Group is awarded. We are so proud within Selha Group to participate to these innovative projects.