Global Compact: Selha Group reaffirms its CSR commitment

Member since 2015, Selha Group reiterated its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact in line with its CSR strategy.

Within Selha Group, we really care about the impact of our activities on the environment and the society. As economical actor, we have a key-role to play for the sustainable development. We choose to put the CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) at the heart of our strategy integrating environmental, social & economica stakes in our daily practices.

Jointly built with our stakeholders, our CSR approach is based on four stakes: reducing our environmental print, improving the work life quality and work conditions, promoting responsible & ethical practices and investing to our territories developments. These four stakes are put forward Global Compact principles and we are committed to respect, to support and to promote them.

Global Compact, what does it mean ?

Created in 2000, this is a global pact including 10 principles about Human Rights, labour standards, environnement and fight against corruption. It is also mandated by UN to help the implementation of 2030 Agendda (sustainable development program) and the affectation of sustainable development goals.

A world community

Considered as the broadest voluntary initiative in terms of CST and sustainable development, the Global Compact allows us to discuss about experiences & good practices with the global community  but also to create strong links with different actors pursuing same convictions. All in all, there are 15000 signatories companies all around the world (1630 in France) including most of our customers and partners.

With this UN Pact, we reaffirm our strategic positionning as a responsible company and our will to promote these values.