Ecovadis: silver medals & progression for Selha Group

Within Selha Group, the CSR ( Corporate Social Responsability) has been made at the heart of our strategic issus. It is composed of several strong thematics and we really want to achieve it thanks to daily concrete actions. This year, again, we are assessed by the Ecovadis platform.

For 2022, our 2 plants (Selha & Einea) were assessed and obtained a silver medal.

Scores on the rise

Our production plants increase by 5 points each, testifying of progress made in each thematic. So, we obtain a silver medal for each plant and we are positionned above average rating of 46/100 and in the top 25% of similar companies.

The Ecovadis survey evaluates 4 thematics : 🍃 environment, 👥 social, ⚖️ ethics and 🔗 responsible purchasing management.

Why an evaluation?

Ecovadis in few figures, gathers 90 000 companies in 160 countries & represents more than 200 different business areas.

The aim of this CSR evaluation is to observe the implementation of sustainable development principles within a company. The focus is on the concretes actions taken on our plant and gives a whole view of applied politics, areas of improvment and expectations of our partners. The evaluations allows us to make a state of play but also to position on our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, financial partners…)

Go further at this approach

Already convinced for many years that our commitments & values are essentials, we continue in this direction especially through new actions in favor of environment in the coming months.