Optimise your performances

EASYNDUS is a co-design and industrialization solution to otpimiz products design for industrial manufacturing. Discower how we assit a customer to achive its goals



Product design is a key factor of a project succes. All settings defined during the development phase – PCB design, components and technologies choices, assembly process – have an impact on product reliability and cost  throughout its serial manufacturing. Think product manufacturing since the design phase is a crucial issue to optimize its performances, reduce its costs and increase competiveness on markets more and more competitive. In this context, one of our customers, a telecom supplier called us to identify improvement opportunities of its product.



To meet this need, our advanced industrialization team went over the customer prototype. To the PCB design to assembly process and components used…we examined all settings and variables of this project thanks to DFX tools & methods and our EMS experience. Our analysis revealed that wiring stages between the different PCBA of the products exigeaient required significant handling time which prolonging conséquently manufacturing time and therefore its yield. So, we proposed to our customer an alternative choice : a new design without wiring replaced by a board to board solution which connect PCBA with each other.



We assist our customer during all developpement phases, analysing and validating improvements for the differents drafts. This co-design enabled to reduce the product assembly time to 60%. Our customer has improved its yield, reduced its costs while preserving performance of its product.