Increase competitiveness

EasyManuf is an effective and secured multisite manufacturing package for your electronic products. Discover how we assist our customer to achieve its goals !



In recent years, aircrafts demand increases, boosted by the air traffic world growth. With a record high order books, aircraft manufacturers have to rise steadily their production speeds to meet airlines demands. In the race against time, supply chain’s agility and performance, providing essential equipment and parts to build an aircraft, is a key factor of competitiveness and success.

That’s why, our customer aeronautic OEM was looking for an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) able to produce, test and delivery electronic products fitting its cost, quality and deadlines objectives.



To meet this need, we propose to our customer a multisite manufacturing solution based on each manufacturing site expertise. In our workshops, responding to the most rigourous quality standards of aeronautic sector, we realized all steps of manufacturing and assembly of the product until final tests. This last stage has mobilized our test development teams. They designed and built a tailor-made functional test bench. This final test enabled to control and validate to ensure the requested functionnality of products before delivery to the customer.



Thanks to this global solution, our customer optimizes and securizes its supply in terms of cost, quality and deadlines. This customer has reduced its cycle times because, by entrusting us the whole manufacturing and tests, products are ready to be used upon receipt. A considerable asset, in this context of an aeronautic sector industrial production ramp-up.