Body recontouring with an non-invasive method

In 2020, we started our partnership with SyntheBio lab with one goal :  to industrialize and manufacture the Slimiser. This body recontouring device eliminates fat cells thanks to a non-invasive technique. Convergent ultrasound will compress and stretch cells, the grease will be destroyed for painless and sustainable manner. The manufacturing of this device, wichi is a lass Iia medical device was realized on our Normandy’s plant, accredited ISO 13485.

From reverse engineering to final product

With the technical files provided by Synthebio lab, the main goal was to improve the Slimiser performances. So, our engineering teams used the reverse enginnering. In an industriel environnement, this includes, from a existing product, to determine its composing elements in order to understand the design and the internal functionning. Then there are phases of debugging, recovery plans, prototypes manufacturings, retrofit of electronic boards, integration, wiring, test… Our cobot was also used during the wleding phase to get accuracy, speed and reliability!

By bringing all our expertizes ( electronics, mechanics, software, wiring…) the Slimiser has mobilized our teams for few months to prouce this medical device with high performances of quality and reliability. A great technical challenge realized by our engineering team.